The Silva Team of Marcus & Millichap not only offers outstanding brokerage services in Dallas/Fort Worth, but also offers a number of other services for existing owners in the area, many of which are available at the click of a mouse on this website.

If you are a potential seller of an apartment property in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there is not a better candidate for the assignment than Al Silva. Al has a unique approach to the valuation, marketing, and management of multifamily transactions that has allowed him to consistently deliver industry leading results to his clients. In doing so, Al has consistently been among the top investment sales professionals companywide.

Over a career spanning seventeen years and over $2.0 billion in investment sales transactions, during the strong markets and the down markets, Al has delivered a final sales price to asking price ration of 102.0% as a career weighted average. This is a ratio that is unmatched in the industry and is a testament to our ability to accurately value and the effectively market your property.

This approach involves a careful combination of adherence to sound underwriting principles and aggressive marketing strategies that are specially tailored for each assignment. It is the formula that enables us to consistently attract multiple offers from qualified buyers for our clients and to create a competitive environment that ultimately drives the absolute best possible price, terms, and execution upon sale. Some areas where we are of the most value to our clients are described below.

  1. Rent Surveys and Competitive Analysis- We can discuss strategies with you on a property level or on a portfolio level to increase the competitiveness of your property in their rental markets and thereby increase your net operating income. This includes managing expenses, optimizing rents, gaining a better understanding of the competitive landscape, and choosing the most cost effective capital improvements to consider. You can request this service under the client resources tab on this website.
  2. Vendor Relationships- We have long standing and close relationships with many reputable vendors that provide tremendous value to our clients. This includes lenders, general contractors, management companies, attorneys, title companies, insurance companies and many others. Please contact us so we can put you in touch with the best and most proven local and national vendors who can assist you with your goals at the ground level.
  3. Comprehensive Property Evaluations- We can provide you with property valuation services at the property level or portfolio level. This would involve a comprehensive “point A to point B” evaluation of your NOI today versus where it could be if certain adjustments were made, which is quite a useful tool in an environment that evolves as rapidly as the Dallas/Fort Worth apartment market. This service has allowed us to assist our clients in creating many millions of dollars in additional value to their holdings over the years. You can request this service under the client resources tab on this website.

In the course of working with our clients in each of these areas, we are able to establish a high level of alignment and trust that enables our clients to achieve the best possible results in their operations and ultimately in their values upon sale. This multi-dimensional perspective is what helps separate us from our competitors in the marketplace.